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Instagram photo by nick.brighamfitBig boobs and fat arms. I switched up my tricep workout and used the lat pulldown bar for tricep push downs. Best tricep pump I've ever had. This is still a low volume cycle so I was doing 2 sets of 8 for every exercise. However, I did a 20-30 rep set first, working the slow twitch fibers. I never do that many reps so I figured a low volume week would be perfect for it. ----------- Holy shit! If I see one more person speaking in absolutes about what works best in fitness, I'm going to spazz. "These are the best movements for building a bigger chest". The exercise isn't as important as time under tension, rep speed, rep ROM, mind-muscle connection, rest time, etc. While some movements may GENERALLY be better for in terms of the stretch they give the muscle, the last thing I care about is the movement. That's not to say it isn't important. For example, tricep kick backs may not allow you to push your tricep muscle as hard as it can go in a 8-10 rep range. It might be better to focus on skull crushers, rope pull downs, etc. It really depends on the individual. I hate skull crushers! V bar push downs, rope overhead tricep with pull, and one arm DB overhead tricep press are the tricep movements that I feel the most. You can get a large chest using machines, barbells, dumbbells, cables, it doesn't matter. The most important thing is how you use these tools. ---------- #training #exercise #healthyeating #motivated #eatclean #bodybuilding #fit #fitspo #fitfam #fitness #fitlife #fitnessmotivation #fitnessaddict #fitspiration #chestday #muscles #muscle #health #healthy #gym #gymrat #gymlife #aesthetics #aesthetic #gains

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