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Photos and video with hashtag #vk18


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Instagram photo by keston18 - The best in the world #myrolemodel #VK18
- The best in the world #myrolemodel #VK18
keston18 keston18
keston18 - Keston Lewis @dinsi09 he just in a bad lil patch for now soon he go be back #runmachine #class
dinsi09 - Nisha Yea weird seein him in this situation but I know he will #Class
resh_5007 - Reshawn Guevara Right now he shittin on himself @keston18
keston18 - Keston Lewis @resh_18 Daz just for now pal runs on d way soon and wen he start back scoring real teams go feel sick
simmo53 - Jerome Simpson Runs on d way wen he go back on dem dead ass pitch wey d ball doh swing in India . @keston18 he ain't have ah note to make in d cold ova dey
keston18 - Keston Lewis @simmo53 u does real hate on d big guns boi u feel everybody is Sarwan aka #dogshit awa
simmo53 - Jerome Simpson Lolzz @keston18 ah no he score runs all ova d world unlike kohli who have 99% of he runs on India alone
keston18 - Keston Lewis Keep talking shit boi like dey does pay u to talk dem bus @simmo53
Instagram photo by atharvkocharekar - #memories #surprisebday #vk18
- #memories #surprisebday #vk18
atharvkocharekar atharvkocharekar
atharvkocharekar - Atharv Kocharekar ;-):-P:-D @ashutoshpatkar #vk18 #kochutiyapa
ashutoshpatkar - AsHpAtKAr btw whose finger is dat...near my mouth!!!?? XD @atharvkocharekar
janhavigawas - janhavi Dats samuz fingure...btw send mi dat mod wala pic..mi patki and samu