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Instagram photo by emergen.c.kittenDevin Nunes, a useful idiot who has no idea how politics works despite having been in Congress for fourteen years, set his career on fire today for no apparent reason. He got his hands on classified Trump-Russia intel through unofficial channels, and instead of following proper channels, he went running to Donald Trump and then to the media. But the real story of the day is who told him to do it: Speaker Paul Ryan. Procedurally, as chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes should have taken the information to his committee’s ranking member Adam Schiff. Then they could have jointly taken it to the FBI to verify if it was real. That kind of bipartisanship would give them both cover for however they decided to proceed with it next. Instead, Nunes went running straight to the House leader of his own party, Paul Ryan. This was an inappropriate move, but perhaps he was merely unsure of his footing and he wanted advice from a trusted colleague. But what happened next is the real story. Ryan sent Nunes to deliver secret evidence in a crucial FBI investigation directly to the subject of that investigation. That’s Obstruction 101. And while Nunes might honestly be too dumb to have understood as much, Ryan knew better. So why did he do it? The only explanation is that Paul Ryan himself is a conspirator in the Trump-Russia scandal. And that might be the next shoe too drop. #worstpresidentever #trumpsucks #fuckthegop #notmypresident #antitrump #corrupt #theresistance #bestoftheday #memestagram #impeachtrump #instadaily #trump #nationalembarrassment #crookedrepublicans #followtrain #treason #memes #savageaf #f4follow #gopsucks #paulryan #trumptards #russiagate
Instagram photo by we_the_people_luv4 @Regrann from @sledgehammer2017 - from @emergen.c.kitten - House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes tried to exonerate President Donald Trump's unfounded wiretapping accusations against President Obama, but in the process he ended up revealing that the alleged wiretap was legal and done under a FISA warrant, which means the people being surveilled are either foreign powers/agents and or may be involved in the commission of a crime. Trumps name was unmasked meaning that trump himself was caught on tape acting as a foreign agent, committing a crime and/or causing a direct threat to national security. This was a Hail Mary move by Nunes to save Trump’s presidency, and perhaps his own career. It will distract the press for another few days. But then it will dawn on everyone that if it was collectedly legally under a FISA warrant, this is bad news for Trump. All roads look like they lead to impeachment for this President. That is not a speedy process, and it has to be done correctly – that is to say, unlike how Republicans operate, the evidence must dictate direction. Justice is slow, but when she gets there, she is brutal. What Nunes did today was out himself as unfit to run the investigation into Trump’s Russia problem, and that’s not good for Donald Trump or Nunes. #worstpresidentever #trumpsucks #notmypresident #antitrump #corrupt #theresistance #impeachtrump #trump #nationalembarrassment #crookedrepublicans #trumptrash #impeachment #feminist #treason #racist #gopsucks #dirtydonisacrook #whatwiretap #devinnunes #russiagate

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