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Instagram photo by the_sciences_and_spaceThe life cycle of stars begins and ends with a cloud of gas that could be light years across, it clumps into a large ball and it gets dense enough and hot enough for fusion to occur, that's why the sun is so hot and bright, the center is so hot and dense that it becomes a big ball of plasma, the atoms are so full of energy that the nucleus and electrons fly around freely and when two nuclei' hit eachother they fuse releasing an incredible amount of energy, if you fused all the atoms in a glass of water you'd have the same amount of energy as if you burnt a large barrel of oil, the rest of the "cloud" that didn't participate in becoming the star forms an accretion disk, this forms because the cloud obviously has a total spin, but the particles in it still are moving around fairly randomly, the total spin of the gas stays but all the up and down moving atoms practically cancel eachother out, creating the flat(ish) plane that all the planets/asteroids will form in, the fusion will eventually run out of power once it starts trying to fuse iron, 99% of stars can't fuse iron and an imbalance between the gravity and the force from the fusion grows and because the fusion isn't giving off enough force, the sun shrinks, then expands and shrinks, until it sheds off all its gas until it becomes a white dwarf and then eventually into a black dwarf. Super massive stars are a bit different, instead of shedding gas for billions of years it lives a much shorter life span because it fuses the elements faster, and when it reaches the point where it can't fuse anymore it expands and contracts ect then it falls in on its own gravity in the largest explosion in the known universe, a super or hypernova, leaving an incredibly dense black hole, which has such density that light cannot escape it's gravity if it passes the schwatzchild radius, or a neutron star, a neutron stars surface gravity is so strong it's only around the size of a city but it could weigh many times that of out own sun, it could turn a human body into a puddle if you stepped on it - - #star #fusion #suoernova #planet #spacex #nasa #astronaut #science (BTW if I'm wrong tell me because that was from memory)

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