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Instagram photo by soultosoul54Observational Commentary: I send this out to those of you who regard me with some negative perspective or dislike. You know who you are and what you feel. Some of the reasoning is petty, trivial, resolvable, and immature and in some cases, the negative condition of your internal thinking that doesn't have anything to do with me. And the honest true about it, it doesn’t matter because if you’re against me in any way, more or less, you’re probably insignificant to intricacies of my daily living, present, and future, realistically. Consider this, how presumptuous of anyone to think that what you feel about me or anyone else, conjure up or gossip behind people back would carry enough weight to affect others or my life in any way or deter conscience individuals from seeking their own regard and experience with me or someone else? I personally find it pathetic, petty, immature and weak for any man or woman that would consider hearsay, unguarded talk, negativity or unsubstantiated information without regard for the actual truth. These sort of messy folks can be a family, co-worker, friends, relationships, strangers or other associations. It disgraceful, but it’s the actual truth about some people. You cannot share all of your dreams, experiences and personal business with everyone and it would be wise to heed someone that does share all of their personal business and the business of other with extreme caution. Dislike for me is ineffective and childish because the intricacies of my daily living, present, and future don't hinge on the purposelessness of your inability to reason positively and constructively about my life, mind, heart, spirit and soul. The fact is, life stop for no one and I choose to live my life fully for those who understand, pardon, support, cherish and love me, not those you don’t. #negativity #httr #nosy #writer 's #poets #faith #believe #hope #love #encouragement #enlightenment #life #people #strength #lifequotes #realtalk #love #me #insta #beautiful #happy #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #faithful

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