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Instagram photo by komjkee - #westsidecoffee #4211 #изи #вычмат
- #westsidecoffee #4211 #изи #вычмат
komjkee komjkee
foodservice_app - foodservice_app Отличная фотка
arinamunina - Arina Munina Хэштеги 👍 хахах😆
komjkee - alex @arinamunina огааа😂 все как надо😝
Instagram photo by 1sik4six - Just a iPhone pic, but the sky looked too cool not to take a picture of.  #iPhone #picture #sky #southcarolina #sunset
- Just a iPhone pic, but the sky looked too cool not to take a picture of. #iPhone #picture #sky #southcarolina #sunset
1sik4six 1sik4six
jammerd23 - Jamar🏀 @f_bomb_111 hopefully I'll see mine!
cody.steiner.18 - Cody Steiner I've been told that same excuse several times so I don't believe it one bit a tracking number by end of week is bs I doubt any of our light are being touched
f_bomb_111 - John Forester Hopefully @jammerd23
mccollister911 - Aaron McCollister Ok folks I finally got a legit message from Oscar. It seems that he has lost ownership of his company and now demoted to punching the clock like most of us. I was given a tracking number and a also informed of what was sent. He modified my order because I won a claim against him so I will receive no halos or painted shrouds. The lights are not assembled which i think is screwed up but I did tell him several times to just send me what he has to be finished with his BS. I'm glad to be getting something back for the money he took almost half a year ago. Basically he didn't do anything that my grandma couldn't do, he just took longer and charged more. I still feel f***ed over and I'm game to help any of you who are still in bed with this bitch. Shoot me an email if you would like to read his reply to me when he gave his last statement.
1sik4six - Chase McNaughton @mccollister911 I called them a couple days ago and they told me mine should be shipping out at the end of this week. I'll let you know if that was another excuse or not.
jammerd23 - Jamar🏀 @cody.steiner.18 so I've seen updates on Instagram. So are your lights getting to you soon?
jammerd23 - Jamar🏀 @1sik4six I was told the same about shipping out by the end of the week. I'm calling Friday if I don't here anything by Thursday.
cody.steiner.18 - Cody Steiner @jammerd23 idk I havnt gotten a tracking number yet so idk what to think
Instagram photo by lowbro - Smart guy lol #listentomemate#youwontmakeit#haha#goldcoast4u#goldcoast#pacificpines#4211#flooded#flood
- Smart guy lol #listentomemate#youwontmakeit#haha#goldcoast4u#goldcoast#pacificpines#4211#flooded#flood
lowbro lowbro
blinn333 - Beau Linn I need to do this to wash all of the sand out from my last beach adventure...
buileshuibhne - Eoghan mac Suibhne Hello. I'm a journalist with a news agency. Can media use this video on broadcasts and websites, crediting you as the owner? Please see this page - - and let me know if it's ok. Thanks for your attention.
lowbro - lowbro not a problem bud go for ya life @buileshuibhne
buileshuibhne - Eoghan mac Suibhne Cheers mate - hope it didn't get too bad
lowbro - lowbro It got worse in other areas but this wasnt too bad i had to wave a few people down before they tracked into it some didnt listen obviously lol @buileshuibhne