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Ps, just incase you might think our room is actually tidy in the last photo...
  • User profile for lmccracken1

    Whew! Glad I'm not the only one :)

  • User profile for mycolonialremodel

    Omg isn't this so true! 😂

  • User profile for makeroomfor

    How in the world is that slipcover STILL standing? #novicesewershelpedsewthat

  • User profile for saranna_p

    Thank you!

  • User profile for tuan_and_paula

    Thank you!! I needed the encouragement!

  • User profile for megandrew4

    This is why I love you!!! :)

  • User profile for staceywoods

    I couldn't love this more!

  • User profile for darleengnikki

    Pheeww... I am so released that I am not the only one! My parents were always such neat freaks, that when now something looks messy in the home, I feel super guilty 😞



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