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Last chance to enter to win these beauty lovelies. Please share the love! PS: I'm still going through the entries; please don't panic if you don't see yours up yet.
  • User profile for koreenhong

    @makeupstash commend on your blog le and followed u all! β™‘β™‘

  • User profile for _joytay

    @makeupstash hi mag I tag u on Instagram too my entry on top of the comment on ur blog :) pls fulfill me & my fren's desires 😊 thank you!

  • User profile for phyloveelliemma

    @makeupstash hi mag, hve u picked the winner?

  • User profile for makeupstash

    @phyloveelliemma Not yet! Likely tomorrow or Monday. :)

  • User profile for phyloveelliemma

    @makeupstash thanks for the reply, mag!!:)

  • User profile for bitzofglitz

    @makeupstash chose winner? How do I enter??

  • User profile for makeupstash

    @bitzofglitz Not yet. The contest is closed, though.

  • User profile for meow888

    Wow!!! Awesome giveaways!! They just be better every year 😍😍😍



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