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Instagram media by makeupstash - Found this 'goldmine' of boxes whilst destashing. ✨
Found this 'goldmine' of boxes whilst destashing.
  • User profile for omallypyegabbysm

    Woah!!! Wonder if I clean out my closet if the YSL good fairy will leave a stash for me 😍👍 lol

  • User profile for sheshopsmakeup

    😱😱 that's a good gold stash to find 😉😉

  • User profile for makeupstash

    @Sheshopsmakeup @omallypye_gabbysm 😄 They're just boxes whose contents had long been taken out. They'll be flattened and put in the recycling bin. 😊 Nice to see them in a pile, though!

  • User profile for lumiellemua

    Indeed! I never throw gorgeous boxes especially from ysl 😍

  • User profile for omallypyegabbysm

    Haha I'm the same way, I have boxes o' plenty... Especially my chanel nail polish, I really should store them inside their box but they aren't pretty that way 😉

  • User profile for makeupstash

    @omallypye_gabbysm @lumiellemua I think I would keep the prettier ones...if only I had more space. I can't bear to part with some really lovely ones, so I do have a few random boxes. Take a pic of your beautiful packaging and tag me!

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    Wow! 😍



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