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Instagram media by bonesbearings - Backside tailslide @oyolaskate @trafficskateboards
Backside tailslide @oyolaskate @trafficskateboards
  • User profile for kidofro

    @arosetakespics good call, @bonesbearings it's definitely a front blunt.

  • User profile for pococurantes

    Haha @villainvillainvillain best look ever

  • User profile for ryan_snider

    Wouldn't this be backside blunt though?

  • User profile for djvince21

    you guys rock. i just got the bones reds bearings and they made my wheel spin forever once i broke them in

  • User profile for bonesbearings

    @sexyquality @arosetakespics @kidofro @ryan_snider if any of you guys ever skated or watched any footage of @oyolaskate you would know it was a backside tailslide. He Ollied straight into back tail from the ramp. Not in front blunt for even a second which makes the trick harder. So now, go skate and don't worry so much about captions.

  • User profile for arosetakespics

    @bonesbearings that's sick! Thanks for the clarification!

  • User profile for kidofro

    Yeah I didn't think it was that serious, thanks tho

  • User profile for sexyquality

    Ok, buddy...



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