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Instagram media by bonesbearings - Perfect autumn ollie @strutang photo by @dennismcgrathphoto
Perfect autumn ollie @strutang photo by @dennismcgrathphoto
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    @bonesbearings Thx to u ❤️💜💚💙

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    @ryan_snider @zoharkonfino if you guys are going fast you need something better than reds. You will need Bones Swiss or Bones Swiss Ceramics. Reds are our low end bearing mainly maid because it's a cheap affordable quality bearing only meant for going slow speeds, basic tricks ect. For speeds that fast you will need a better quality bearing really built for what you are doing. It's like a car! You are going to get something really built for speed if you want to go fast. Not the family car.

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    @lachapellecam @awesomeaustinland @noogumz actually we, Powell/Bones, don't have a problem with Shorty's/Tony. They/he has a problem with us and I could easily put it out there why he doesn't like us but I don't want to put him on blast. And his post about us making @roller_bones was perfect timing because I was already in the process of making this video with @estrojen and yes, She loved making this video and all the feedback we have gotten.

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    @nicolletemiau I love you!

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    I have absolutely no problem with the video. I was just wondering about all the tags associated with it, but I realize now that that wasn't your YouTube channel that the tags were associated with. Sorry!

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    @bonesbearings you should know these things, you guys have Kevin on your team.

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    @bonesbearings 🙈🙊ohh Thx so much ☺️☺️😚

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    @bonesbearings so If I go 30-40mph this not good?



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