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Instagram media by makeupstash - Are you Fixed on Drama?
Are you Fixed on Drama?
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    @tgmtl1 Perhaps English isn't the commenter's native language. It's ok, makeup love is universal. 😊

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    ✌🎨🌎 lol

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    Ooh lovely colour ♥

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    @trendmood 💯✔️

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    @lynettewebster I *think* it was featured in a publication that @hanoooody posted on IG but the MAs weren't sure if it'd be here. Not sure if this is that particular lippy though!

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    ❤️😍 it's a beautiful shade but I did not get it though, let's hope it's going to be one of the permanent retro matte lipsticks 💭🌹❤️

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    @hanoooody try Nordstrom that's where I got mine!


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