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Instagram media by realthundernation - Can't Wait For KD's Restaurant to Open
Can't Wait For KD's Restaurant to Open
  • User profile for hoopnation_5

    mann its no convo with you u prolly dont even watch basketball u just with the team that won ! cmon @amorris40

  • User profile for hoopnation_5

    just let me know wehn lebron win a championship without going to a already good team stick with one like kd he didnt leave he could have left and went to the lakers pretty much the same thing lebron did @amorris40

  • User profile for a_mo34

    Man motherfucka don't be talkin shit I bet I know more bout basketball than u and prolly better at ball than u and na I've been a heat fan since 3rd grade @hoopnation_5

  • User profile for girlskn2

    @realthundernation When does KDs restaurant open?

  • User profile for calebbonny

    Lebron is greatest of all time

  • User profile for hoopnation_5

    @calebbonny shut yo ass up man he not better than kobe orr mich. and @amorris40 i aint worried bout it come to jville and play me 1 on 1 for your bragging rights nigga i aint worried bout nun

  • User profile for a_mo34

    Ight @hoopnation_5, bring it nigga

  • User profile for mauric10ivory3

    If you like the heat your a bandwagon..



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