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Instagram media by otterbox - This might be reason #145 to get an #armorseries case. #mountaingames #gopromountaingames #Vail #Colorado
This might be reason #145 to get an #armorseries case. #mountaingames #gopromountaingames #Vail #Colorado
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    @jsheldon13 otter box bought life proof so I think @holdenreg is asking if they've made one together yet

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    I'm dying to have a amor case in blue but can't afford it all these defenders I have though. @otterbox

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    @watermaloandrea Did you see the 2 contests going on? Check out Planet OtterBox.

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    @hey_im_poopsy Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we can't predict all the variables in a fall.

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    I understand

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    And it fell the right way. @otterbox. After all, nothing on this earth is indestructible.

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    @otterbox I ended up having to trade my s3 armor series for the same one becausewater ended up leaking through.

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    Havent done that


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