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Instagram media by makeupstash
  • User profile for bubblymichelle

    @elizabeauty I was there! But didn't see them😧

  • User profile for sheshopsmakeup

    Woohoo! Thanks for doing the tag Mag!! ☺ Looks like almost everyone has at least one NARS satin lip pencil in the pouch 😉💕

  • User profile for makeupstash

    @sheshopsmakeup Hugz! Yes to that, haha! 💋

  • User profile for arena1117

    How do u like the lip Essence? Is it sticky or comfortable on the lips? Thx! ❤😉👄

  • User profile for makeupstash

    @arena1117 It's not sticky and feels light and comfy :)

  • User profile for jieyingz85

    What's does the ettusais jelly balm do? Try laniege moisturizing lip balm! Very good for chapped lips

  • User profile for makeupstash

    @jieyingz85 It's a gentle multi-purpose moisturiser. Thanks for the rec!

  • User profile for icyabstract

    Haha yes seems like everyone has the satin lips in their bags now! @sheshopsmakeup



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