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Instagram media by utahjazz - Congrats to our ticket winners: @rjbrijs (photo), @ekpappas (like) and @megan0629 (comment). GO JAZZ! #WeAreUtahJazz
Congrats to our ticket winners: @rjbrijs (photo), @ekpappas (like) and @megan0629 (comment). GO JAZZ! #WeAreUtahJazz
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    Knock knock(who's there?) Irish (irish who?) Irish I won the tickets. The picture is wired though

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    @d_griffin_ lol I get your point, cuz he looks like a die hard fan that would already have tickets to all the games. But you typically see guys looking like this in the nose bleeds section with tons of beer. Season ticket holders rarely look like this😜

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    Don't know why utahjazz just liked my pictures last night. If they saw them earlier, they shouldn't pick this one. I got my tickets anyway...Just felt unfair to lost contest to that kind of picture.

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    Lakers will beat the Jazz for the playoff spot! 💜💛💜💛

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    GO JAZZ!!!

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    He shizzd a chicken


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