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Instagram media by byjillee - OMG! This stuff is seriously A W F U L !!!!!!!!!
OMG! This stuff is seriously A W F U L !!!!!!!!!
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    =\ it's for your health. Does that help it go down?? Probably not. =\

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    Kind of. But not really. lol. Someone just shoot me.

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    Tip from my daughter who has had to do this twice... Bite a lime before each drink, and after! Drink with ice! Sorry

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    @jillsgoodthings I had to chug that stuff too... literally a bomb going off in your body!! Hang in there. I feel your pain!

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    Thanks Terri and Sariah! It was worth the a clean bill of health. :-)

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    Enter to win “My Favorite Things” courtesy of @JillsGoodThings and @SmallFryBlog #onegoodgiveaway



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