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Instagram photo by gracegulley During my 100 Day Chats the topic of self-care has come up a lot. What exactly is self-care? Is it manicures and spa dates? Is it facials and cocktails with girlfriends? Is it going to the gym? Is it totally frivolous and selfish?? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. No! And more. Sure there are plenty of self-care activities that are those shiny, happy, feel-good and dazzling moments. And it isn’t selfish. You are taking time to replenish yourself so you can give in a truer and more loving way. But I do want to add something, self-care may not always feel good in the moment. Some of the growing we have to do may hurt. Letting go of what isn’t for you (relationships, habits, thoughts), is a form of self-care. But you better believe that you will feel pain-let’s just call that growing pains! We all struggle with waves of self-doubt and questioning if we are enough. Cry it out! Grow from it. But don’t ever be ashamed. Part of self-care is taking time for yourself, FEELING your feelings, and learning to heal and grow. Just like with your muscles, we are made stronger when we are broken down, torn apart and then allowed to recover. And for the love of god, don’t rush yourself! Just like a wizard, you always arrive precisely when you are meant to. I’ve been in a very serious growing phase. And damnit, it’s hard! But no big deal, because I’m just going to come out stronger. And I know this is part of my self-care. Sending big hugs to all of you who are going through this shit and learning to love all parts of yourself-even the messy, mascara smeared, less-than-perfect, growing-pains parts. xoxo
Instagram photo by gracegulley This has been an incredibly transformational year. I started the with two declarations. This year I do more things that scare me. And I make my own wellbeing top priority. This has opened incredibly exciting doors. And led to some emotional breakthroughs. . . One of the greatest realizations I have had is that my purpose has to do with other women. I am supposed to be having conversations with them. I am supposed to be passing along my knowledge and experience to help them. I am supposed to be creating connections and empowering women. . . So what does this mean? Well last year I shut the door on Lark + Arrow. But if I’m being frank, I was scared. Scared to completely stop doing macrame. So I’ve taken custom orders here and there. But that has been a handicap for me. I look to it as a crutch, a fallback, a what if… I’m not fully leaning into what I’m really supposed to be doing. . . I’ve decided to go through my house and clear out the last macrame pieces I have. I’ve made them available @thehandmadepopup and you can purchase them through November 12th. After that point, I’m gifting them to family. . . I need to put the right message out there. I need to act in alignment with what I really want, and am supposed to be doing. This is incredibly scary to share. But I know these declarations are powerful and what I need. . . I’ve also been holding on to and have my old fiber work on there. Another thing I️’ve been needing to let go so I can move forward. . . If you do decide to stick around, this page will become more about motivating and empowering female creatives-not unlike @cylcollective. It will become more about offering guidance to break through barriers and set yourself up to run a HEALTHY business. . . Thank you everyone who has supported my journey up until this point. And thank you to those that continue to support my work. Y’all give me life! . . On a final note, if you are holding on to something that is keeping you Tethered, I️ urge you to examine why that is. Acknowledge fear. Face it. And then let it go. (Also you can DM me because I love a good pep talk!) 💛
Instagram photo by gracegulley Today I had the pleasure of talking to Emma (@sparrows.eave) for day 42/100 of the #100daysofconversation project. . . . It was truly a joy! We talked about something that I think about a lot… time. This concept of time. Our preconceived notions and perspectives of it. So many of us find ourselves saying daily ‘if only I had more time.’ Well hard truth, we can’t get MORE time. We get exactly the amount of time EVERYONE gets. And those people you admire who seem to have it all? They also have 24 hours in their day. . . . The thing is they aren’t fighting this concept of time. They accept the time they have and learn to use it effectively. Working harder and grinding ourselves into the ground isn’t going to somehow help us move forward in life differently than others. You’re just going to be exhausted and burned out. And then guess what happens? You are useless to others, useless to your family, useless to your business and useless to yourself. . . . Instead learn to be honest with yourself about the time you have and how you are using it. Learn to prioritize things that nourish you so you can function effectively (hello self-care!). . . . And if you really need a hard wake up call… remember Beyonce has the same amount of hours in a day as you… so next time  you catch yourself wasting hours scrolling mindlessly through social media, think ‘I WONDER WHAT BEYONCE IS DOING RIGHT NOW.’ . . . Love you guys. Now go love yourself.
Instagram photo by gracegulley My favorite thing in the world is talking to other business owners and sharing my experience in order to help them. And the advice I find myself giving over and over is BUILD A WEBSITE. It is one of the first, and arguably most important, things you can do to get your business off the ground. Which is why I was more than happy to partner with @squarespace and share why (AND HOW) having my website has turned my business from hobby into my full-time. ▫️ Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my top three reasons why you need a website… like YESTERDAY. And to wrap it all, I’m planning on a crash course on HOW TO BUILD YOUR WEBSITE. It’ll be for newsletter subscribers only, so click the link above if you’d like to read that next week… ▫️ And diving right in! As a small business owner you should have a website because it’s the only way to really own your business. We all love/hate Instagram. But did you know only about 6% of your posts are actually seen? That means all that hard work you put into creating your content is mostly wasted! This is not the most effective way to communicate with your audience or run a business. However emails have an average open rate of 20-30%. Can you see the point I’m getting at?? Emails win. And having a website gives you a place to funnel your audience and collect emails (which you actually own, as opposed to your social profiles). ▫️ #squarespace #sponsored (ps want 10% off your first squarespace purchase??? Use code: GRACEGULLEY and I’ll love you forever! 😉)
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